10 Things I Hate About You

UPDATE: The show was canceled. The last episode showed Kat and Patrick in bed together. Heh. The second season would have been a blast. Oh well.

I loved the movie. I own the DVD, and I don’t own many films. I understand it’s hard to have anyone replace the character played by Heath Ledger. They did manage to cast the original father, Larry Miller, from the movie to the show. He’s a nice familiar face.

Dana Davis

Dana Davis

The two “young” daughters, Kat and Bianca, are played by Lindsey Shaw and Meaghan Jette Martin. Ethan Peck plays bad-boy, or man-boy as Larry Miller calls him, Patrick. His voice is incredibly deep. Kat is the older, stuck-up, uber-socially-conscious-liberal, and hyper-competitive straight-A student who has an off-and-on again thing with Patrick. She also happens to be the funniest character on the show.

Bianca initially bounced around trying to find her place. She achieved it by sucking up to the most popular cheerleader Chastity played by Dana Davis. She was the New Orleans girl in Heroes, whose story line ended without a decent resolution.

It’s good to see her working here. She plays a character named Chastity. Fitting within the context of the latent black woman stereotype she’s a mean girl. I am hopeful they ease up on her character, but I suspect that will be her role for the life of the show. She plays a spoiled “Princess”, so I suppose I could say that’s an improvement.

Her character reminds me of those from the movie Mean Girls, so I suppose the high school dramedy thing is being consistent with its young girl portrayals. I just don’t want to see Chastity being the only one capable of displaying social derision towards others.

Overall, I enjoy the show. It’s quick witted, really funny, and since I’m an occasional prude, it’s not vulgar. It can touch on heavy duty topics and still be light and airy about it in a way that I like.

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2 Responses to 10 Things I Hate About You

  1. AnnaBeth says:

    I own the original film and I love it!!! Although the tv show is good, I kinda was annoyed that they placed a geeky looking Cameron in it when the real one was sooooo much cuter. And I miss Heath Ledger. I kinda didnt like the fact that the tv show was waaaaayyyy different than the real deal. *sighs* Oh well. And Ethan Peck looks like a cross between Michael Jackson and some other actor (i dont know his name) but it kinda annoyed me because I just cant seem to find him as attractive as I would have liked. Dont get me wrong, he is super hot. Lol

  2. goldenah says:

    You are so right about the Michael Jackson resemblance. There was something about him I couldn’t put my finger on. I did like his deep voice though. I was sorry the show ended with the two being caught in bed, the looks on their face when the Dad walked in was hilarious.

    I liked the show, although it moved a little too fast for me, but it was amusing.

    Thanks you for your comment.

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